Scrambled stories sprawled on the walk of life. Congested thoughts floating in skies. Repressing words caged in. Histories spilled in daunted ink.

Living amid this is hard, of course. Understanding this is arduous, no doubt. Lift your quills though and mark this quote, for losing something makes you gain a lot.

I have tried and failed a numerous times in the quest of self discovery. Yet I have failed but won a thousand times in the quest of life. I have now stumbled upon a place to voice it all. It will be a new sort of journey to embark on. Hopefully it won’t be too restrictive I pray though, I have lived my life in columned pages so. Filling my life with wonders and gazing.

I read to learn and learn to read. I write to express and express to write. Maybe this makes no sense, but my jumbled thoughts need some space to fill a sense. You might wonder what I wrote or smile at this chaos.

It’s not titled missjumbledup for no reason after all.